Foster social and emotional awareness to help develop foundational social competencies

Teaching Social Thinking concepts & vocabulary to children ages 4-7

Alarming statistics reveal that nationwide at least 250 children are suspended or expelled from preschool daily, three times the rate of expulsions in K-12 grades. Many of these children are melting down and labeled as disruptive, aggressive, or “behavior problems” because they don’t understand what’s going on around them or may not have awareness or understanding of how to play, learn, and work in groups with their peers.

Throughout our 25+ years of research, practice, and teaching, we’ve found that when children as young as four years old learn the mechanics of why and how we use our social minds to foster social and emotional awareness and self-monitoring—it helps them develop deeper insights and foundational social competencies that follow them throughout their lives. That’s why classrooms, schools, and hundreds of thousands of interventionists around the world are teaching our award-winning curricula and resources to their early learners.

The Social Thinking Methodology provides specific vocabulary and developmentally based curricula, lessons, strategies, and activities—created especially for children ages 4-7. Components of the Social Thinking Methodology unpack how the social world works and why for interventionists (educators, therapists, parents & caregivers) and their early social learners, so that all children can have access to understanding and learning how to navigate the social world and move toward improvement in their own social goals.

Explore our broad range of products, online courses, and free resources for teaching practical concepts, vocabulary, and strategies to help guide social learners in some of the most significant learning of their lives.

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What is Social Thinking?


Strategies to Build Social Competencies

The Social Thinking Methodology provides evidence-based strategies to help people ages four through adult develop their social competencies, flexible thinking & social problem solving to meet their own social goals and improve:

Our Methodology
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