Superflex Super Sticker Collection: Thinkables & UnthinkaBots

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  • Ages: 8-10
  • Pages: 16
  • Format: Other
  • ISBN: 742186347172
  • Published: 2020


New important changes, additions, and updates!
Use more than 500 fun, colorful Superflex stickers at home, at school, or on the go! These stickers are to be used in association with lessons from Superflex… A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum.

What's new?

  • The term UnthinkaBots replaces the term Unthinkables (It’s OK if your students still want to call them Unthinkables. The terms are synonyms.)
  • New names for three UnthinkaBots: Mean Bean (was Mean Gene/Jean), Me-Gull (was One-Sided Sid), Body Drifter (was Body Snatcher).
  • Blurt Out Blue is a new UnthinkaBot and it replaces Unthinkable Grump Grumpaniny
  • Twice as many Superflex Is Me! stickers
  • Kool Q. Cumber is now featured on the label with Worry Wall instead of Superflex Aiden

Superflex and the Team of Thinkables are within each of us and give us powers to figure out how to adapt our behavior based on what’s going on in different situations. Use Thinkable Stickers to:

  • Encourage a social learner to call on the powers of their own personal Superflex
  • Each Thinkable adds to one’s overall superflexible thinking providing extra “power”
  • Acknowledge success when a social learner uses the powers of a specific Thinkable or their own personal Superflex, in general.

The UnthinkaBots * (we are officially changing Unthinkables to UnthinkaBots over the course of 2021-22) provide specific powers to try and control a person’s Superflex along with the powers of various Thinkables. Use UnthinkaBot stickers to:

  • Build social self-awareness by encouraging a social learner to keep an eye out for a specific or team of UnthinkaBots that is trying to invade the child’s brain.
  • Encourage social learners to use specific strategies to minimize the powers of an UnthinkaBots. For example, they can put stickers on a defeat sheet to show they are working hard to manage a specific UnthinkaBot or Team of UnthinkaBots.
  • Avoid accidentally reinforcing a child's unwanted behavior by giving them a sticker representing an UnthinkaBot when they are struggling to produce desired behaviors.

Avoid using the UnthinkaBots stickers to punish a social learner when their brain is invaded by an UnthinkaBot!

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Instructor: Michelle Garcia Winner

People frequently ask how our products can be used together for a specific age group to teach and motivate kids to improve their social competencies in a fun and engaging manner. In Social Thinking’s first ever webinar, Michelle Garcia Winner will discuss the products Social Thinking has created for students ages 8-11 as well as share teaching tips and strategies related to the use of the following materials: You are a Social Detective!, the Superflex™ Curriculum, Social Thinking and Me, and the game Should I or Shouldn’t I?

10 DOs and DON'Ts for Teaching Superflex | Sep 2022

Author(s): Pamela Crooke, PhD, CCC-SLP, and Michelle Garcia Winner, MA CCC-SLP

Superflex® has become super-popular! We have enjoyed hearing from so many people around the world about their love of Superflex and the Team of UnthinkaBots and Thinkables and the positive effect the Superflex curriculum has on helping individuals become better social thinkers and social problem solvers!

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