What do we mean when we say, "social thinking"?


There are 3 distinct yet overlapping definitions:

We have a lot of information to share. Here are three ways to understand how we use the words "social thinking":


  1. The Term
  2. The Business
  3. The Methodology


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The Methodology

Evidence-based strategies for:
Social Thinking Methodology The Social Thinking Methodology is a developmental, language-based, and thinking-based (metacognitive) methodology that uses visual frameworks, unique vocabulary, strategies, and activities to foster social competencies. The methodology has assessment and support components for both interventionists and social learners. The methodology is designed for individuals with solid to strong language and cognitive abilities, both neurotypically developing and Neurodivergent.
Interventionists “Interventionists” refers to professionals (all types), family members, and caregivers who strive to understand the social emotional learners with whom they work (and live) in order to teach how the social world works and ultimately how to work (navigate to regulate) in the social world.
Social Emotional Learners Social emotional learners are individuals ranging from age 4 through adulthood who are learning about how the social world works while also learning how to work (navigate to regulate) in the social world (in themselves and others).

Teaching social competencies—more than social skills

The foundation of our work provides interventionists (teachers, speech language pathologists, therapists, clinicians, parents) and social emotional learners with frameworks, tools, skills and a shared language to improve social competencies—more than just social skills.

Our goal is to help people learn explicitly how to engage in social information processing; how to attend, interpret, problem solve and respond in any situation—the thinking and doing skills that will aid them in becoming increasingly successful in the social world throughout their lives.

At some point we all struggle in social situations. Engaging  in a social emotional thinking/feeling based process can be difficult at times for everyone in the social world. Our role as interventionists is to help motivate social emotional learners to "do the work" and explore how we all share social expectations, thoughts, feelings, make mistakes and try again as we learn to navigate our way toward our social goals. The practical nature of our teaching and the concrete way we explain social concepts helps engage people in social emotional learning not only about themselves but about others. 

Helping over 1 million educators, clinicians & families around the world

This has been a game changer for helping general education teachers.  We have been using the Social Thinking Methodology with our students, they are making friends, are more successful academically, and generally happier in all they do. Thank you! - Jennifer, Special Education Teacher

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