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The ABCs of Summer Boredom: Awareness, Curiosity, and Action

The ABCs of Summer Boredom: Awareness, Curiosity, and Action

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The sun is shining, the days are long, and a world of possibilities seems to unfold before us. Yes, it's summer, a season synonymous with fun, adventure, and new experiences. However, amidst this sea of potential, we often find ourselves facing an unexpected companion—boredom. Those familiar words, "I'm bored!" can punctuate the lazy days that were meant to be filled with joy. But boredom, like any other feeling, holds valuable information. Recognizing and understanding boredom is the first step toward transforming it into something more fulfilling. In this article, we explore the signs of summer boredom, particularly focusing on children and teens, and delve into strategies to combat its restlessness. So, let's uncover the reasons behind summer boredom and open doors to self-directed choices, engagement, creativity—and fun!

Boredom, like any other feeling, is information. Knowing you are feeling bored is the first step in making a change. It can be difficult at times to have this awareness, especially for children and teens. Together, discuss the signs and signals you might observe when boredom strikes. Some examples may include:

  • Constantly checking the clock
  • Feeling frustrated or annoyed
  • Low energy
  • Wandering aimlessly
  • Staring off into space
  • Scrolling on the internet
  • Refreshing email or social media
  • Doing things that are unhealthy or against the rules
  • Annoying a sibling

Once there is awareness of the feeling, it is time to get curious. The reason we might feel bored helps drive potential strategies to reconnect our bodies and brains to what we are doing or choose something that we can or want to do, depending on the plan. Try using the following flowchart to help guide the conversation.

ABCs of Summer Boredom Flowchart (click here to download)

To learn more about the Menu of Options Chart, read the accompanying full article:  Two Simple Executive Function Strategies to Avoid Family Stress & Stay Connected During Summer Break.

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