Zooming In on Strategies for Concrete Literal Learners

In this two-part series, we focus on developing rule-based social learning activities that connect to educational standards and support social learners with significant social attention and social interpretation challenges. We will concentrate specifically on understanding and supporting individuals who have social learning characteristics described as Challenged Social Communicators (CSC) in part 1 and Emerging Social Communicators (ESC) in part 2. These social learners are described as having relative strengths in concrete learning with a tendency to interpret both social and written information in a very literal manner. Parents often report struggles with organization, sarcasm, literalness with reading comprehension and writing, as well as a more awkward manner when socially engaging with peers. Both parts of this series will explore the power of social attention using video clips to provide explicit and practical examples for teaching basic social concepts to encourage the development of theory of mind (perspective taking), sharing social attention, and awareness of trickery.


We will also address assumptions about social attention, learning in groups, and reliance on test scores to guide intervention planning. We will examine how socially based critical thinking and executive functioning make it difficult to truly understand the social learner’s real time learning abilities.


On Demand access is available through March 18, 2022

On Demand access to this popular series is available for you to watch whenever you want through March 18, 2022. And because most of us are watching our pocketbooks now, we’re offering special pricing for all of our courses this academic year. Registration for this entire series costs just $98 or $35-$49 per course. The courses in this series also provide you with the chance to earn CE Credit (if you’re eligible). Complete access to this two-part series includes 7 hours of training (each course in two-part series is 3.5 hours).

Ryan Hendrix

Your Instructor: Ryan Hendrix, MS, CCC-SLP
Co-Author of We Thinkers!
Social Thinking Training & Speakers' Collaborative


Social Thinking Training & Speakers' Collaborative

Register for this popular two-part series for less than $98


Michelle Garcia Winner, CEO and founder of the Social Thinking® Methodology, invites you to join her and expert practitioner and instructor Ryan Hendrix, a member of our Social Thinking Training & Speakers’ Collaborative, for our upcoming two-part livestream series: Zooming In on Strategies for Concrete Literal Learners.

  • Learn how to use conceptual tools and frameworks to identify five different types of social learners
  • Explore the social and academic needs of two different types of concrete literal learners
  • Observe implementation of concepts and practical strategies through numerous video clips and case studies
  • Learn motivational developmental tools and treatment group ideas to highlight lessons for different age groups
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion and CE credit for eligible professions
Concrete Literal Learners

Part 1: Understanding and Supporting the Social Emotional Learning needs of Challenged Social Communicators

Series Name: Zooming In on Strategies for Concrete Literal Learners

If you are working or living with an individual(s) who tends to be very literal in how they interpret and respond to social information, this course will explore their social learning needs. Using video from treatment sessions, we’ll outline the characteristics of five different types of social learners and zoom into exploring those considered Challenged Social Communicators (CSC). We’ll provide concrete examples of how these social learners interpret information in a very, very literal manner, which contributes to extreme challenges with problem-solving abilities. Practical strategies to encourage the development of fundamental social concepts will be demonstrated. Treatment recommendations will focus on helping these social learners become a little more flexible when interpreting what’s happening in their social world.
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3 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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Concrete Literal Learners

Part 2: Strategies for Expanding Social Emotional Learning in Emerging Social Communicators

Series Name: Zooming In on Strategies for Concrete Literal Learners

Literal-minded individuals—who may have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, ADHD, twice exceptional and/or sensory integration challenges— are often reported to struggle with social competencies and exhibit a range of other learning differences and/or challenges related to socially based critical thinking. Video-based case studies will offer treatment ideas and show how these social learners evolve in their understanding of the social world as they grow up. Group treatment ideas for different age groups will also be introduced.
Replay access through March 18th
3 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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Helping over one million educators, clinicians & families around the world

The foundation of our work provides interventionists (teachers, speech language pathologists, therapists, clinicians, parents) and social learners with frameworks, tools, skills and a shared language to improve social competencies—more than just social skills.

Our goal is to help people learn explicitly how to engage in social information processing; how to attend, interpret, problem solve and respond in any situation—the thinking and doing skills that will aid them in becoming increasingly successful in the social world throughout their lives.

At some point we all struggle in social situations. Engaging  in a social emotional thinking/feeling based process can be difficult at times for everyone in the social world. Our role as interventionists is to help motivate social learners to "do the work" and explore how we all share social expectations, thoughts, feelings, make mistakes and try again as we learn to navigate our way toward our social goals. The practical nature of our teaching and the concrete way we explain social concepts helps engage people in social learning not only about themselves but about others. 

Social Thinking
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