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Brand New Course: What's Alexithymia?

Streaming Sep 15, 2022
9AM-10:30AM Pacific Time

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Our livestream events provide you with practical strategies, tools, and information gleaned from decades of working with social learners (e.g. ADHD, developmental language differences, twice exceptional, autism spectrum levels 1 and 2). During our livestream courses, select comments and questions from attendees will be reviewed during Q&A.

This is your opportunity for deeper learning and to earn CE Credit (if you’re eligible) all at an affordable price.

Brand New Course

What’s Alexithymia? and How Does It Affect Emotional Regulation and Awareness?

Understanding One’s Feelings to Foster Emotional Regulation at School & Home

What is alexithymia? It refers to challenges in developing awareness of one’s feelings, identifying, and distinguishing them from other physical sensations—and it’s gaining interest in the research, schools, and clinical arenas. Educators and parents have reported an increase in overall “regulation” challenges in the classroom, on the playground, and during small group activities. We’ll highlight select key aspects of emotional awareness and regulation and its role in perspective taking. Specifically, we’ll explore how alexithymia can impact the building blocks for spontaneous perspective taking across all contexts. We will suggest practical strategies to increase awareness of feelings within the perspective-taking process to use within the classroom, school, community, and home.
Brand new course! Replay access through December 31
1.5 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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