Social Fortune or Social Fate (ages 10+)

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The book consists of 10 social scenarios, each one played out through the lens of social fortune or social fate, demonstrating visually how a situation can change quickly based on how someone reacts within it. Each scenario begins with a mini story told through a series of illustrations that lead to a decision-making point. If the decision leads to others feeling good, and ultimately to the character feeling good about him or herself, it is represented as social fortune. However, if the protagonist makes a decision that traps him/her and peers/adults in an uncomfortable or frustrating situation, this leads to social fate.


The focus of Social Fortune or Social Fate is to teach individuals about the social-emotional responsibility we all have to those around us as we share space or interact with them. This requires individuals to have social awareness and the social-emotional abilities to carry out that responsibility.


For virtual tools to help you reach kids ages 10+ during these emotionally fragile times, check out the free read aloud and downloadable resources below.

Social Fortune or Social Fate

Tips for Using Social Fortune or Social Fate
Instruction Overview (Read by Dr. Pamela Crooke & David Yanez)
Social Fortune or Social Fate (Read by Dr. Pamela Crooke & David Yanez)

Problem Solving Thermometer

Problem Solving
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Re-Training your Brain for RCA

Retrain Your Brain
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Draw Your Own Fortune/Fate Scenarios

Draw Your Own
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